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Participant Wiki page for organizing Hacking in Parallel Berlin (HiP Berlin) – 27-30 December 2022

The HiP is one of the Distributed/Decentral "Congress" events and located in Berlin.

The CfP for ///HiP-Berlin///

The CfP is closed. You can still view your proposals or a preview list of featured talks on the Pretalx submission system.

Getting Food & Drinks

We aren't allowed to provide food on site. However, there are Category:Places that provide Category:Food including some vegan options.


There is a badge matrix channel which can be found at

A tiny little bit of info you can find in the Badge_Clinic.

Heaven & Volunteering

Volunteers may register in the Angel System and have access to the Heaven for coordination. There is also a matrix channel.


There is an Elevator in the Staircase „Treppenhaus 5“ for Transport of people going to/from Heaven and heavy stuff. However: There needs to be an Elevator-Angel driving it. If you cant find an Angel inside, try to call ELEV (3538) on your DECT Phone. It’s not reachable all the time, but we do our best!


We have a bunch of workshops at ///HiP-Berlin///.

A list of Workshops each have their own Wiki page and are found under Category:Workshops.


If you would like to run an assembly please submit your wish to and someone will look for that.

There is a Heaven matrix channel which can be found at Matrix Assemblies channel:

Accepted assemblies can have their own Wiki page and are found under Category:Assemblies.

Lightning Talks

We will have Lightning Talks!
Info on Lightning Talks

Matrix Channels for ///HiP-Berlin///

The Matrix Space. It is recommended to join the whole space if you're a Matrix expert:

Further Matrix channels: